When Should You Buy an Automatic Watch Winder

An automatic watch will remain alive if you wear it because its operation relies on your physical movement. When you are not wearing it, you can use an automatic watch winder to keep it alive. The question is, do you actually need a 2 (double) watch winder? Here are three scenarios in which a watch winder might be necessary.

You Have an Automatic Watch.

Obviously, a watch winder can only be used with an automatic watch. If you have a battery-powered quartz watch or a watch that can only be wound manually, you don’t need a watch winder. The first scenario that may require you to buy a watch winder is that you have an automatic watch at your disposal.

You Have More than One Automatic Watch.

Sometimes, even if you have an automatic watch, you may not need to buy an automatic watch winder if you only have one watch. An automatic watch will stay alive when you wear it. However, even after you take it off, it will not immediately die. Most automatic watches have a power reserve of about 36 hours to 42 hours after you take it off. If you have only one watch, you will least likely take it off for more than 2 days. Therefore, by the time you want to wear it, it will still be alive. If you have more than one automatic watch, you will need a winder because while you are wearing one of your watches, the rest of the watches will be idle for quite long. Use a winder to keep those watches alive.

You Want to Showcase Your Automatic Watches.

Another scenario in which an automatic watch winder will become necessary is when you want to showcase your watches. Premium automatic watches will look elegant if they are constantly rotated by your watch winder.

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