The Best Master Degree Scholarship in Europe: Belgium Edition

So, the great country of Belgium manages to pull you with its many wonders and many great universities, making you search for a master degree scholarship in Europe that will take you to that second-rate France. If you are still searching, then good thing for you because we got one of the best scholarships in entire Europe. Even better, that scholarship comes from the government of Belgium, meaning you will have a chance to study in Belgium without having to pay a dime at all. If Belgium is the place you want to study in, then this scholarship is a no brainer.

It will be a no brainer, but only if you understand what you have to do and what you have to have if you want to be accepted into this program. Searching for that kind of thing can be very time-consuming, so we would like to show you a brief description on the program and the pre-requirements that you have to fill before you can even think of applying for the scholarship. Let us just jump into the description, shall we?

What is the scholarship that we are talking about?

More specifically, the scholarship is called VLIR-UOS. We do not know if that name is an abbreviation or it is the full form already, but people call it VLIR-UOS and we are going to stick with that name.

Putting it simply, VLIR-UOS is a scholarship opportunity given by the Belgium government for the people of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This means that this is a development program, meaning no developed country people are allowed to join this program. The program will be hosted at Flemish university or university college. Do not worry if you cannot speak Dutch, French, or Germany because the courses will be taught in English.

The requirements

  • You are a citizen of the 31 countries eligible to join the VLIR-UOS program and can prove it,
  • You must not be older than 35 for the initial master’s program and 40 for the advanced masters,
  • Relevant professional experience is not a must, but it will definitely tip the scale to your favour.

That is the gist of VLIR-UOS, folks. If you are still trying to find a master degree scholarship in Europe but you have not been able to find a good one, then you really should try applying for this one.

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