Get a visa for study in Germany for Indonesian

If you are a student from Indonesia and want to study in Germany, this visa requirement info to study in Germany for Indonesian will help you to complete all requirements you need to do. The visa you need to apply is Visa type D/Residence Permit. This is a visa that made specifically for students that start to study abroad in Germany.

Main steps to take visa for study in Germany for indonesian

Here is Indonesian student should do to get a student visa that allow them to study in Germany.

  •    Bring any documents that required to German embassy directly in Indonesia, even if you do not have an appointment before. In the embassy, you can get the interview and then the biometrics data of yours will be collected. You can take a look at Germany immigration website for detailed visa information. To apply this visa, Indonesian student no need to take a medical test before arriving in Germany.
  •    The Indonesian students need to provide the biometrics during the process of visa application. The data comes from basic biometrics, extra identification that the country uses for security purposes. During the visa application, you will need to attend the visa interview.
  •    Visa type D/residence permit is valid for up to 3 months. You can stay during the entire program degree; you may need to renew the visa every year. Therefore, if you want to stay in Germany after the degree finish, then you will need to apply different visa or a visa renewal through the immigration office.

When you apply visa student to study in Germany for Indonesian, ensure you take extra time for visa application. As soon as possible after you get the news that you have been accepted and enrolled in a university that you apply, then you can start to apply Germany visa student type D/residence permit. This application at least 3 months before the university degree program starts.

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