How to Apply a Study in Netherland

Netherland is the most populous city in Europe. The culture of Netherland which is pretty flexible and there are 11 universities which occupied in the top 200 of the best universities in the world make Netherland as one of the most popular college destinations around the world. There are several steps to register your study in Netherland below. Study in Netherland for Indonesian can be your best experience. Let’s find out whether you qualified to apply in Netherland colleges.

Diploma Evaluation

The step was done by deciding whether your diploma is eligible to enroll in a study program in the Netherland. Although you can use the services of some organizations, such as Nuffic, to pass this evaluation process, the final decision is fully taken by the institution. For undergraduate enrollment programs, then bring your latest grade transcript or diplomas. For the postgraduate program, bring your bachelor certificate. All those qualifications should be recognized by Dutch institutions.

Language requirements

It is very important to speak, read and write well here. you have to pass the English exam, such as IELTS and TOEFL are mostly accepted. However, there are some institutions might accept other English exams, such as Cambridge English. The score needed is at least 550 for paper-based or 213 for internet-based both of TOEFL and at least you get 6 for IELTS.

The preparation

There are times when you are not qualified with the chosen program. But, with a little extra preparation, you can succeed next year. This program is like the Pathways program in English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

Your CV and personal statement

The registration for postgraduate programs also need a CB, at least one recommendation letter from a previous lecturer and making your statement essay.

Numerous Fixus System

There are many international students apply to Netherland universities every year, especially for popular majors here such as Psychology, Medicine, Economics and Physiotherapy. For the popular majors then Numerus Fixus System was applied – this is a kind of method where the quote of receipts for rach department of the institution in Netherland was determined by the Government. This method was determined with the drawing method. Of course, the registrants with the best achievement will be likely accepted. However, all applicants who have met the minimum entry requirements also get the opportunity to be accepted. So, this is better to confirm with your university before registration. Study in Netherland for Indonesian is your big achievement.

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