3 Power Source Types of a Multiple Watch Winder Box

People might pay attention to various aspects when buying a watch winder or a multiple watch winder box. Nevertheless, they will pay less attention to the power source. The power source is crucial for a watch winder or a watch winder box to rotate the watch. That is why you cannot ignore this aspect when buying a watch winder box since it might come with three types of power sources.


First things first, your multiple watch winder box might be powered by the battery. It is very convenient especially when you travel a lot and cannot leave your automatic watch collection at home. Yes, with the battery-powered watch winder box, you can ensure that your watches are kept ticking even when you are on the way to your next destination. You will not depend on the power socket availability to keep your watches running.

Power Socket

Besides the battery, the multiple watch winder box power might come from the power socket. It means that the box will need a cable to be connected to the power socket. It will be a perfect choice if you just keep the watch winder box at home all the time. There is no need to worry that the rotation will be stopped because the battery has run out of energy.

Battery and Power Socket

Well, battery and power sockets might have their pros and cons. Why should you choose one if you can get both? With the watch winder box that can get the power from the battery and power socket, you will get the great benefits of both options. You do not have to worry when you need to bring the box traveling since it has a battery within. The battery will also be helpful during a blackout. Anytime you can access the power socket, you can always use the cable to connect your multiple watch winder box to the energy source.

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