How to Identify Fake Watch Winder Automatic

In recent years, there have been a lot of knock off watch winder automatic brands and products that can be found on the internet. While looking good in terms of looks, these knock off watch winder boxes could harm your luxury watch collection. So, is there any way to identify a legit brand from the fake one? Check out our tips and tricks to find out.

Check the Website

Some research can be done before buying a product by checking its website. Legit watch winder automatic box manufacturers will have a website which displays their brand as well as giving an informative description regarding their products. The content of their website is usually written in perfect English with a formal layout. Beware of suspicious websites which don’t offer any description of their product or website that seems to use broken English in their content.

Check the Product’s Reputation

To determine the legitimacy of a product, do a quick read on some buyer’s experience. Some good and legit products usually have relatively high rated reviews and buyer’s ratings. On the contrary, a knock off product generally has poor ratings due to its bad quality. Check out different forums and marketplaces in order to find some reviews. However, be aware of the existence of fake buyer’s review. These reviews are usually created by the product’s seller in order to make a product look better.

Check the Quality

Those previous tips and tricks are useful before you decide to buy an watch winder automatic . But what if you’re already bought it? The easiest way to check the legitimacy of an automatic watch winder case is by testing it. Does it run smoothly? Or does it even run at all? It is important to check for motor noise as knock off products usually use a motor that produces excessive noise. It is also important to check the material as well. Original watch winder usually made of real woods, carbon fibre, and any other good quality material.

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